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On a games night with colleagues, where you take shot after shot for getting an answer wrong, you’re winning because Lord’s Dry gin is the distinguished partner. Lord’s Dry Gin is made of exceptional international quality, class and distinction for refined Gin lovers. Whether taken straight on the rocks, or as cocktail mix, it is guaranteed to give that classy feeling. Lord’s Dry Gin is produced from the choicest high grade grain alcohol, fortified with natural flavors that give it distinct pleasant taste and aroma .

Whether chugged neat or mixed as a cocktail, it is like perfection in a bottle, taking away the day’s stress. Lord’s gin is made for refined alcohol lovers and has exceptional international quality and distinction that makes it stand out in the world of gins.

Truly bold and distinct, Lords Gin has, since 1982, stood the test of time. Its strong citrus and juniper notes give Lords Gin its stand-out character; versatile enough to be enjoyed neat and transform cocktails into epic drinks.

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